SuperShallow and SmartLED for MRI Applications

Kirlin is expanding two of its most successful product families with new LED squares. First is our new SuperShallow 4″ recessed LED downlight offering 3 beam spreads and delivering over 1300 lumens. The next two products add squares to our turn-key SmartLED lighting system with remote driver, RFI / EMI filter and emergency power. All three of these luminaires are fully sustainable and use Kirlin’s signature all-aluminum housing for 50% longer component life.



kirlin led mri















Download Submittal Sheet for LRS-04046 (SuperShallow LED)

Download Submittal Sheet for MRS-08470 (8″ LED MRI)

Download Submittal Sheet for MRS-04250 (4″ LED MRI)


For more information, please visit Kirlin’s website.