Sternberg Lighting Introduces Lunaria

Sternberg Lighting is proud to introduce Lunaria, a beautiful

family of luminaires that combines the virtues of visually comfortable nighttime illumination, with a sleek, urban daytime aesthetic.

Lunaria’s dual crescent design form is uniquely eye-catching. It’s sleek lines accentuate contemporary architecture and urban areas, making it the perfect complement to parks, medical and corporate campuses, retail venues, office plazas, hospitality properties, and transit stations.


LU660 Lunaria Post Top
Designed to smoothly transition from 4”OD poles, and scaled for pole heights of 10’ – 14’.


LU300 Lunaria Bollard
Pathway bollard comes in standard heights of 36”, 42”, and 48”


LU630 Lunaria Sconce
This elegantly styled wall sconce is also available as a

mid-mount option for taller poles.