Now Representing HE Williams

For over 70 years, Williams has been proudly manufacturing light fixtures in the heartland of America.  Whether the application is a school, office, hospital, or parking lot, Williams has a product that will work perfectly.  Williams – A Visible Difference®

Founded by inventor and entrepreneur Harold E. Williams in 1921, the company originally made gadgets and automotive accessories. Still family-owned and operated in Carthage, Missouri, Williams now designs and manufactures superior commercial lighting products for a variety of applications.  Designed for performance, efficiency, long-life, and sustainability, Williams fixtures support multiple lamp sources ranging from energy efficient LED, induction, and fluorescent, to high intensity discharge and incandescent.

Most recently, Williams acquired Architectural Lighting Systems, a leading manufacturer of medical lighting products.  Whether specifying for surgical applications, patient rooms, workstation task lighting, or general use areas, Williams Healthcare products are designed to be unsurpassed in durability and engineered to maximize efficiency.

Each Williams fixture is produced using the most modern engineering tools, state-of-the-art technologies, and precision fabrication equipment. USA-Proud, Williams is committed to producing quality products through sustainable practices.

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