Indy ChromaControl LED Technology


Introducing lofty new levels of LED performance

The advanced light engine that powers the Indy ChromaControl luminaire family is responsible for a new state-ofthe-art in LED performance. It employs broad-spectrum LED strings to produce exceptionally high color accuracy that renders illuminated objects in the best possible light. Offering a tunable range of color temperatures from 1600K to 4000K, it delivers CRIs from 91 to 97 … among the highest CRI values in the industry.  And with an R9 value of 91  at 3000K, the perceived color accuracy couldn’t be higher.

Tunable Series luminaires let  you create the perfect light

The Indy ChromaControl LED light engine employs broad spectrum, multi-channel LED strings that delivers color correct, color consistent, brilliant white light … and then gives you the capability to manipulate the  light in nearly unlimited ways.

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