Pinnacle Lighting Updates

There’s a lot of new exciting things happening at Pinnacle Architectural Lighting!

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting recently unveiled a fresh new website with beautiful application shots, featuring one of our own, Autodesk on Route 128, specified by Light th!s.

Electrical Contractor: Interstate Electric

Featured Product: Pinnacle Architectural Lighting Edge EX44 & Edge 4 series.

pinnacle led website autodesk boston

New Competitive Pricing :  The company announced a decrease in price for both the ADEO and LUCEN LED product lines.

Higher Efficacies, Lower Wattages : LED Spec Sheets have been updated due to an upgrade with the Osram system.

The new system allows for lower wattages and improved efficacies across each of our LED product lines. All of the updated Spec Sheets are currently available online.

led quickship lighting troffer perimeter




 Quick Ship Additions : LED is now available on Pinnacle’s Quick Ship program! The following products are now available: ADEO LED (2×2,    2×4, 1×4), LUCEN LED (2×2, 2×4, 1×4), Outline, EDGE 4 (4 ft only), and EDGE EV 3 and 6 (4 ft only). The Quick Ship Brochure and Spec Sheets are  now updated on the website



Lightfair 2015 was a huge success for Pinnacle Architectural Lighting!  The booth featured many current product offering and a lot of new concept fixtures.  If you didn’t get a chance to see the Pinnacle booth or if you weren’t able to get to Lightfair International this year, click here for an overview of the Pinnacle booth and the fixtures that were shown.

pinnacle led lightfair nyc

Omnilite was recognized as Pinnacle Architectural Lighting’s Sales Representative of the Year for 2014.

pinnacle lighting award



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