Acclaim Lighting Quick Ship Program

Acclaim is pleased to introduce it’s Quick Ship Program. The Quick Ship program allows you to pick from some of their most popular items and know that they will be in stock, and available to ship.

Some of the Quick Ship offerings include:

  • Flex II HO (Exterior)¬†
  • Flex II HO RGB (Exterior)
  • Dyna Flood H
  • Dyna Flood SODynaCove-HO-Ext_01
  • Flex II (Interior)
  • Flex III (Interior)
  • Dyna Cove HO (Exterior
  • Dyna Cove HO (Interior)
  • Dyna Cove SO (Interior)
  • Dyna Graze HO (Exterior)
  • Dyna Graze SO (Interior)

To download their Quick Ship Guide for Fall of 2014, please click here.

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