New iQ-LED Tape Light

q-tran iq led tape







iQ-LED is Q-Tran’s new LED tape light which is available in dry(IP20), damp(IP54) or wet(IP68), in 2500K, 2700K or 3000K, 4.4watts per foot, 24VDC, 260 lumens per foot and a CRI of over 80 and over 90. The iQ Tape  can be cut every four inches to a maximum length of 21 feet.

Q-Tran recently started offering extrusions which we can cut to order. The Maximum length of the extrusions is eight feet and we can cut to any length from eight inches to eight feet.

In addition to Q-Tran’s value added services mentioned above, Q-Tran can also customize the length of the lead wire off of the LED’s or the extrusions.

Q-Tran has invested in a precision cutting saw, allowing us to make very accurate and clean cuts to the extrusions and lenses.

Q-Tran has a variety of mounting clips for both products and we are in the process of tooling a connector to attach the field wiring to the IQ Tape.  (Stay tuned for future news on this product.)

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