New Juno Lighting Group Website!

New Look
The new Juno Lighting Group website is beautifully designed, featuring attractive page layouts, more product and application photography, and a photo and video gallery. The site is structured to provide quick access to product information including spec sheets, IES files and instruction sheets. Compatible products are easy to find, including housings and trims, track fixtures and systems, and accessories for all product categories.

Faster Search
Search by general lighting category, brand, and text box search, or drill down to the exact product you need with the Juno Lighting Group Product Selector.  The Juno Lighting Group Product Selector features 15 filters –from source and size to category and style, providing you the fastest way to locate precisely what you need.

Easier Navigation
Navigating the new Juno Lighting Group website is logical and intuitive with drop-down menus, identical headers and footers throughout the site, and easy-to-understand common terms. Need an outdoor bollard or a recessed commercial fixture? Both are easy to find using the “Find by Category” drop down menu on every page of the new website.



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